What’s Optimal?

Thanks to its unique patented system, the Rotavan swivel base allows for an Optimal Connection.


» Prevents skids caused by friction between the fifth wheel and standard kingpin.

» Truck maneuverability noticeably enhanced.

» Provides immediate, precise response.

» Prevents jackknifing.

» Gain greater control with less effort.


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» Substantial immediate and recurring savings.

» Extends life of tires, steering parts, fifth wheel, plate, kingpin and other components.

» Reduces truck and semi-trailer maintenance costs.

» Shortens costly production shut-downs.

» Increases drivers' productivity.

» Reduces accidents and expensive related costs.

Optimal return to

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» Helps you face hazardous road conditions: snow, ice, strong winds, heavy traffic, etc.

» Reduces risks of major accident with spills.

» Avoids potentially costly legal proceedings.

» Offsets rising insurance costs. 


Average cost of a
single truck accident:



» Improves your corporate image.

» Optimizes delivery reliability.

» Shortens transport time.


Your corporate image
      is important!
      Rotavan keeps it safe…


» Reduces use of lubricants.

» Reduces fuel consumption.

» Extends the front tires' durability.

» Reduces frequency of steering part replacement.

Rotavan cares about
      the environment…

      Our environment!


» Has a positive impact on all staff, whether drivers or mechanics.

» Allows for greater comfort and helps reduce driving stress.

» Improves drivers' performance by allowing better control.

» Clean, properly functioning equipment satisfies your drivers' pride.

» Attracts and keeps employees who appreciate cutting-edge technology.

For truck drivers,   
      the choice is clear:

"Never without Rotavan!"



» Gives you an edge over competitors in a business that's increasingly demanding.

» Provides your company with great public relations potential.

» Equips your fleet with state-of-the-art technology, surpassing current industry standards.